Web Service Tab

Option Description
Connect Through Specify to connect to the Web service through one of the following means:
  • Network Named Pipes — This is the fastest connection option and works only when both the Web Service and Web Client are on the same machine.
  • WS Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) — The Web Service connects over the HTTP protocol.
  • Basic HTTP — The Web Service connects over the HTTP protocol. This option is used when backward compatibility is necessary.
Web Service Address This is the address for the Web Service. This option cannot be changed when the Web Service and the Web Client are located on the same machine.

This address can be edited when the Web Service is located on a different machine. Enter the machine name where the Web Service is located. The required format is:

  • SSL enabled:
    • https://server_name:port
    • https://ip_address:port
  • SSL not enabled:
    • http://server_name:port
    • http://ip_address:port
Note: The port number is required.
Open Web Service Click this button to open the Web Service.