Web Client Tab

On this tab, you can enable or disable the web client and specify whether the web client is hosted on by the native Smarticket web server or by Internet Information Services (IIS). Settings for the Web Client must be configured.

Smarticket Service Host

Option Description
Enable web client on this computer Select this check box to enable the connection to the Web Client on the local host. Clear this option if the Web Service and Web Client are located on different machines.
  • Smarticket Service Host — Choose this option to use the Smarticket service to host the web client. Click the Configure button to configure web client bindings or to enable SSL.
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) Host — Choose this option to use Internet Information Services (IIS) to host the web client. Click the Configure button to configure web client bindings. This option is only available if IIS is installed on the local machine.

If this option is selected, you can edit settings on the Web Service tab to configure the connection settings and Web Service address. See Web Service Tab.

Web Client Bindings
  • Web Site — The default setting is Smarticket Web Client. This setting is read only.
  • Address — The default is All Unassigned. This setting is read only.
  • TCP Port — Enter the TCP port number. The default is 9715.
Web Client SSL Setup
  • Enable SSL — Select this option to use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. A certificate will be required to complete the SSL configuration.
  • Self-Signed — Select this option to create a self-signed certificate. When prompted after you click OK, enter Company and Expiration Date and Password. If a self-signed certificate has already been created, you will be given the option of recreating the certificate. If you do not recreate the certificate is not recreated, the existing certificate will remain in use.

    If this option is not selected, you can associate an proprietary certificate or a certificate obtained through a 3rd-party vendor.

  • Certificate File — If Enable SSL is selected but Self-Signed is cleared, the path to the certificate file must be specified.

Internet Information Services (IIS) Host

Note: The IIS option is available only if IIS is installed. To install IIS, see Installing Internet Information Services (IIS).
Option Description
Web Client Bindings
  • Web Site — Enter the web site. The default is Default Web Site.
  • Address — Enter the IP address. The default is All Unassigned. With All Unassigned, all incoming traffic will be routed to the web site.
  • TCP Port — Enter the TCP port. The default is 80.
  • Connect over SSL — Check the box, if the connection must use SSL.

Open Web Client

Option Description
Web Client This displays the address for the Web Client. Click the hyperlink to open the Web Client.