Example Process

In SMARTicket Process Designer, create a Task with a Send to Folder route component.

An example would be where an AutoStore workflow process is created where the capture component is a Multi-Functional Peripheral (MFP) followed by the SMARTicket component. And within the SMARTicket Process Designer a SMARTicket Task is created using the Send to Folder route component. The goal is to provide metadata captured at the MFP to the SMARTicket Task.

  1. In SMARTicket Process Designer, create a task with a Send to Folder route component.
  2. Configure an external field called "Employee ID".
  3. Save and publish the Task. The value for the external field will be made available through the AutoStore capture component.
  4. Within the AutoStore Process Designer, create a process using a MFP capture device followed by SMARTicket route component. Within the MFP capture component, create a form with field name "ID" defined as string type. Go to the Components tab and configure the SMARTicket component by clicking on the ellipses in the rightmost column.
  5. The SMARTicket component will be displayed. Specify server attributes in the Profile and other information in the Preferences tab.
  6. Select the Fields tab. Once the server information is inputted, the SMARTicket component will query the server for all Tasks with external fields.
  7. Select the Task which was previously created. The external field "Employee ID" will be displayed. The RRT pop-up window appears with "Employee ID" as an available RRT.
  8. Drag and drop the value for field name "Employee ID" from the RRT pop-up window. This copies the ~MFP::%ID%~ into the value field for Employee ID (where MFP is the RRT ID of the desired MFP device).

In this example, the user-entered value for "Employee ID" is passed from the MFP component to the SMARTicket component. As SMARTicket spawns a child AutoStore process (in this example the child AutoStore process is Send to Folder), the metadata entered at the MFP device is passed to the child AutoStore process. Now configure the Send to Folder component to create a folder based on called "Employee ID".