AutoStore allows for designable workflows that automate document capture and eliminate the manual steps that slow down a business process.

Applications designed around AutoStore take advantage of the AutoStore workflow automation and connect these powerful features to users. Examples of these clients are:

An application that provides users with the ability to directly submit electronic files into AutoStore workflows through Windows.
A scanning desktop application that allows fast document scanning, reviewing, validation, indexing and automatic connection of scanned image files into business applications using AutoStore workflows.

SMARTicket is also a business process automation application based on the AutoStore technology. SMARTicket, like AutoCapture and OpenScan, is built around the concept of submitted electronic documents to AutoStore using workflow tags or attached to SMARTickets. Using SMARTickets, users can tag a document with a workflow identifier and submit those tagged documents into AutoStore for processing.

An administrator should be familiar with AutoStore concepts such as:

With a thorough understanding of these concepts, an administrator can effectively manage SMARTickets.