Add/Edit Permission dialog box

In this dialog box you can add a new permission to the permissions list or edit the properties of the selected permission.

Option Description
Type Select the type of entity to which you want to grant permission: User or Group.
Name Enter the name of the user or the group that will have the permission. You can click the browse button (...) to open the Select User or the Select Group dialog box that allows selection of a user or a group correspondingly. If the "User" type is chosen, the browse button (...) is disabled as long as this text box is empty and becomes enabled when at least one symbol is entered. In this case the Select User dialog box contains list of local and domain users starting with symbols entered in the Name text box.
Note: If you select the "User" type, you can enter the user name in one of the following forms:
  • Login name, for example, "mydomaincom\johns" or "johns"
  • Display name, for example, "John Smith"
  • E-mail, for example, ""
To avoid confusion it is recommended to use variants with the domain name if possible. You can click the Check button next to this field to make the component attempt to validate the specified user. The component searches the user in the SharePoint users' list, and if the user is not found, searches it in the domain users' list. If the validation is successful, the user name is displayed in the Name field in the form of display name. If the validation fails, the following message will appear in the lower part of the dialog box: "User name could not be resolved!".
Permissions Enter a permission to be assigned to the corresponding user or group either manually or click the browse button (...) to open the Select Permission Level dialog box that allows selection of one of the permission levels configured on the SharePoint Server.
Note: The "Limited Access" permission level is silently ignored and is not used by the component.
Notes Enter a comment to the permission.