Using Send to Printer Component

To use this component the user must first decide whether sending to a printer will be the final step of the workflow or an intermediate one. This will define if Send-to-Printer component is used in the configuration as a Process or Route component.

Use the Send-to-Printer component to accomplish these tasks:

Remote Copy
Scan files and route them to a remote printer.
File type based printing
Scan files and send them to printers according to file types
Color Copy
Scan in color and send the images to a color printer.
Print broadcast
Create process chains with Poll Directory Capture component and Send to Printer Route component to broadcast multiple copies of document to multiple printers.
Special Printer Features
The automatic stapling, and other specific features of a printer, can be done by creating a copy of the printer driver which has the stapling option on by default and using this specific driver.
Printing confirmation page
Use File Options within your workflow process to store documents into a "Success" or "Failure" directory.  If you want confirmation page to be printer on success or failure, use Poll Directory with Send to Printer to route files from Success or Failure Directory to a printer.