Feature Highlights

Many business processes that deal with image documents incorporate printing as part of their workflow.  The Send to Printer component provides the means to satisfy many of the printing needs in a document management environment.  Whether obtaining a printed version of a document is the final goal of the process, or the system relies on printed versions as an alternate source of information for users, the Send to Printer component can be used to accommodate many scenarios where unattended printing will be necessary.

The Send to Printer configuration only allows you to specify parameters that are common to most print drivers, such as paper size, printer name, pages per sheet, number of copies, and orientation.  Other parameters that are specific to a printer must be set in the local printer configuration.

Refer to the Restrictions and Limitations for a complete list of file formats supported by this component. Also only non-interactive printer drivers are supported.  Some printer drivers might not be supported when the system is running as a service, as some printer drivers require interactive response from the user before printing.