Send to Printer Configuration Dialog Box

Use the Send-to-Printer component to route images to printers that are located anywhere on the network. This component provides remote copying capabilities.

Each page (tab) in the Send-to-Printer component represents a printer that can receive image files. The General tab defines the "catch-all" printer. Based on the file extension, you can further determine the routing. For example, you can add a tab and define a separate printer for TIFF images, or define another printer for PDF files.

Option Description

Adds a printer tab for a defined file extension. All files that include the file extension are routed to the printer defined here rather than to the printers defined in General tab.

Click the Add button to open the File Pattern dialog box, which lets you type in a File Name Pattern. For example, you can enter a file extension, such as *.pdf or *.tif, which enables users to print out PDF or TIF files with a particular set of properties that are configured in the resulting tab.


Deletes the currently selected tab. You can delete any tab except for the General tab.


Activates the Send-to-Printer component to send images to the printer.


This option is only available when Send to Printer Process component (not Route component) is used.  Check this box to keep the original file and not delete it.

Printer Name

Select the printer name from the drop-down list of printers configured on the server.

  • Size — Enter the paper size. The values that appear in the drop-down list depend on the model of the printer selected.
  • Source — indicates the paper source based on available paper sources on the printer driver. If you click the Auto Select option, the printer uses the paper tray that supports the paper size you have selected. If you choose a paper source other than Automatically Select, make sure that the correct form (paper size) is assigned to the paper source.

For the exact definitions of the paper sizes and sources available for your printer, consult the printer documentation or contact the manufacturer.


Choose how the document will be oriented on the page. If you choose Portrait, the document will be oriented vertically and if you choose Landscape, the document will be oriented horizontally.

  • Number of copies — Enter the number of copies you want to print.

To print a complete copy of the document before the first page of the next copy is printed, select the Collate check box. If you prefer to print all copies of the first page and then print all copies of subsequent pages, clear the checkbox.


Specifies the number of pages that appears on each printer page.