Send to PC Dialog Box

This dialog box specifies the destination users and folder.

Option Description
Send to

Enter a comma separated list of Windows domain users to which to deliver incoming documents. You can specify domain name in format domain\username . If you do not specify the domain name, the component uses the default domain that is specified in the Advanced dialog box.

For example, if there is a user called Earthling in the domain EARTH, and the default domain is EARTH, then the domain is not required and you can enter either Earthling or EARTH\Earthling. However, if you want to specify a user Martian in domain MARS, then the domain name and user name must be entered as MARS\Martian.

If a secret key is specified in the Send to PC Client settings on a destination PC, the secret key must be appended to the client name using the Separator specified in the Advanced dialog box. For example, if the secret key on the client for Earthling is "tree", and the default separator "@" is specified for Separator, then the user name would be entered as Earthling@tree.

Destination folder

Enter the name of the destination folder. The name of the folder can either be its literal name or the name can be specified by an alias on a destination computer. In order to use an alias, the alias must be enclosed between angle brackets (< and >).

For example, to use the alias "Test", it must be entered as <Test>.

Aliases are created using the Send to PC Client application. If an alias has not been created, the name between the angle brackets is used as the literal name of the destination folder. See the help documentation for Send to PC Client for information about creating aliases.

Advanced Click this button to open the Advanced dialog box to set the connection attributes.

For details about options in the Advanced dialog box, see Advanced Dialog Box.