Advanced Dialog Box

This dialog box specifies connection attributes for the component.
Option Description
Default Domain

The domain name that will be attached to user names that do not specify the domain in the Send to list.

File Transfer Port

The server uses this port to deliver files to client PCs. The default value is 3711. You may need to change this if you are using the component in multiple processes or if you are running both the server component and the client application on the same machine. For more information, see Restrictions and Limitations.


The character that separates a user name from the secret key in the Send to list.  The Separator value delimits the beginning of the secret key in the user name string. The default charactor for the separator is the at sign (@) character.

The secret key is an option on the Send to PC Client.  If the Send to PC Client settings for a user specify a secret key, then in the Send to box you must append the secret key to the user name using the separator character in order to send documents to the PC.

The comma (,) and the semicolon (;) cannot be used as the separator.


Enter the schema name for the output file name. You can use Runtime Replacement Tags (RRTs) to dynamically set this value at run time.