Run Test Dialog Box

This dialog box allows you to test the connection with an SFTP server.

Option Description
Connection timeout Specify the timeout for the connection with an SFTP server.
Run test Click this button to begin a test. The test will be conducted against your SFTP server. The component will send 100 KB of data using the SFTP protocol. At the end of the test the results are reported in 100 KB/X Seconds where X is the number of seconds required for sending 100 KB. The typical size of B/W documents is between 25 and 50 Kbytes. You can stop a test by clicking the Stop button. Then the results are then reported in Y KB/Z seconds, where Y is the number of kilobytes that the test was able to process and Z is the number of seconds taken to send the Y kilobytes.
Test result This field displays the progress of the test.
Note: To use the test feature, you must have SFTP access to the SFTP server from your machine. This feature establishes connection to the SFTP server and transmits dummy data to the server to test the transmission bandwidth.