How to Use Send to Mail Recipient

Consider a process where you want to capture documents, process them and send the processed documents as an email attachment.
Note: Keep in mind that you can use RRTs of other components in any fields to create custom and dynamic values.

There are no file type restrictions and any file type can be processed by this component.

  1. Setup the process, by configuring the proper capture, process and add the Send to Mail Recipient component.
  2. Setup the Send to Mail Recipient properties.
  3. Set the Server Name to the SMTP gateway used for sending email. Or use the IP address of your SMTP mail server.
  4. Set the From field to who is sending this email. You can use the RRTs of other components to dynamically set the values for From field.
    As an example, when your capture component is a POP3 email and you like to have the processed file be sent back to the sender then set the From and the To field to ~POP::From~. This person would receive processed documents back by simply sending document to a POP3 email account.
  5. Set the Subject and Body; these are optional fields.
    The subject would be the same as any subject of an email that you would want to send.  For example, “Corresponding documents…” would be such a subject.  The body of the email would be anything additional that you would want to add to the email.
  6. Configure other components and run the process.