Microsoft Exchange CDO-MAPI Server Configuration Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to configure Microsoft Exchange settings.

Option Description
Server Provide the server IP address or the host name of the Microsoft Exchange server to which you will send your email through. This is a required field.
Test Click this button to verify connectivity to the server IP address you entered.
Mailbox Enter the exchange mailbox that the email will be sent out from.  The mailbox name is normally the same as the NT user name.
Note: If the Mailbox field is using RRTs to define dynamic Mailboxes, then it is recommended to use the username/password of an exchange administrator that has read/write access to all the exchange server mailboxes.
User Name Enter the username used in conjunction with the password field when authenticating with the exchange server. The user should have access to the configured mailbox.
Password Enter the password used in conjunction with the username field when authenticating with the exchange server. You may define a password using RRTs.
Encrypted Check this box to encrypt the password.
Note: Users should use password encryption only with static passwords. If you are using RRTs to define dynamic passwords, then the literal RRT string is encrypted.
Domain Enter the domain that the user name belongs to.
Save copies of messages in Sent Item folder If this option is checked, then a copy of email message sent out will be kept in the sent items folder of the configured mailbox.