Security tab

Enter security attributes for routed files on this tab.

Option Description
Owner Specify the user or group that will be owner of files routed by AutoStore. An owner of a file has the right to assign permissions to that resource. The default if you leave this option blank is the owner specified in the security settings of the destination folder. Click the browse button (...) to open the Select User dialog box.
Permission entries Entries in this table defines permissions for users or groups. Click the Add button to add an entry to the table.
  • Type — Specifies either Allow or Deny to grant or deny access to routed files.
  • Name — Specifies users or groups who should be allowed or denied access to routed files. Separate multiple objects with a semicolon.
  • Permission — Specifies permission for an entry in the list. See Permissions for files.
Add Click this button to add an entry to the Permissions entries table.
Edit Click this button to edit a selected entry in the Permission entries table.
Remove Click this button to remove a selected entry from the Permission entries table.
Inheritable permissions from parent Clear this check box to block inheritance from the destination folder. Only users and groups specified in the Permission entries table will have access to routed files. The owner will still be able to assign permissions. Leave this check box selected to allow inheritance from the destination folder.
Note: Explicit permissions defined in the Permission entries table take precedence over inherited permissions.

The following table describes the effect of permissions for files.

Table 1. Permissions for files
Permission Description
Full control Permits reading, writing changing and deleting a file.
Read Permits viewing or accessing contents of a file.
Read & execute Permits execution of a file as well as viewing and accessing its contents.
Write Permits writing to a file.