General tab

Enter the folder path attributes on this tab.

Option Description
Folder Path

Enter the destination folder path that you want files to be copied to. The server must have write access to this folder. The input device can dynamically set the folder path.

Make sure to use the UNC path instead of a mapped drive because a mapped drive is local to your machine.

Overwrite Existing File

Select this check box to overwrite an existing file with the same name as a captured file. If the overwrite and rename options are not selected, and a file with the same name already exists in the destination folder, then an error message is generated.

Rename File

Select this check box if you want the output file to be renamed.

If this check box is selected and a rename schema is not provided, then at run time the schema name defaults to ~STF::FileName~_~STF::Counter~~STF::FileExt~. For example, if the input file name is File.tif, then the file will be renamed File_1.tif.


Enter a schema for renaming files. You can use Runtime Replacement Tags (see RRT) to dynamically set the value of the schema at run time.

Check User Security

Select this check box to have the system check the user's or sender's security level to verify the write access. This refers to a look up in the user's Active Directory Services to see if the user has security rights to copy the files to the designated folder.

User Name

Enter the user name for the directory. Click the browse button (...) to open the Windows Select User dialog box to specify a user name.