FTP Site Settings

Use this dialog to set the connection parameters.

Option Description
Server The server address can either be an IP address or a name of the FTP site where you want to store documents. Click the Advanced button to set the security level for the server in the open Advanced Settings dialog.
Port Standard FTP port that identifies the TCP/IP port to use on the server. The default number is 21.
Passive mode Select this check box if you want a Passive mode for this FTP session. The Passive command requests that the server "listen" on a data port (which is not its default data port) and waits for a connection rather than initiate one upon receipt of a transfer command.
User Name Specify the user name that has access into the FTP site. The user account must have read/write/create/delete access to directories and files. If you do not specify the user name, the access rights are set to anonymous by default.
Obtain password via RRT Select this check box if you want to specify the password via RRTs.
Password Specify the password that is associated with the user name. This value will be only used in case of the Obtain password via RRT check box is not selected. Select the Encrypt check box to mask the password so that others cannot read it as you type.
Password RRT Enter an expression consisting of RRTs that will be replaced with the actual password at run time. This value will be only used in case of the Obtain password via RRT check box is selected.
Folder Path Specify the folder where the documents will be stored on the FTP server. If the directory does not exist, the entire recursive directory path will be created. However, if you do not specify a path or folder name, the data are stored on the root directory of the FTP server. Click the browse button (...) to browse to the directories on the server.
Overwrite Existing

Select this check box to overwrite existing files of the same name. If you do not select this check box and there is an existing file with the same name, then the captured document will not be stored at the site.

Rename file Check this box if you want the output file to be renamed.
Schema Enter a schema name for the output file name. You can use RRTs to dynamically set the value of the name at run time.