Troubleshooting Tips

Problem Solution
When you send faxes using NT authentication, the following error message appears in the Status Monitor:

"RightFax Route: Login failed: 0x800426AF(The user or object does not exist.)"

For correct work of NT authentication, you should correctly configure the Service Manger. In the Log On tab of the Service Manager, select This account, browse for your domain name for NT authentication and enter the correct password.
When you use multiple workflows with the component, some faxes are not sent to the server and the Status Monitor gives one of the following messages:
  • RightFax Route: Login failed: 0x800700E7 (All pipe instances are busy.)
  • RightFax Route: Failed to send fax. Error code 0x800700E7 (All pipe instances are busy.)
For the correct work of multiple workflows with the component, it is necessary to set up correct number of database threads on the RightFax Server. In particular, the Maximum Threads value should be not less than number of simultaneously working RightFax route components and the Maximum File I/O Threads value should be big enough. Contact you RightFax server administrator.