Restrictions and Limitations

  • The component works with RightFax Server versions 9.0, 9.3, 9.4, and 10.0.
  • The Right Fax client software should be installed on the machine with Workflow Server for correct work of the component.
  • The component can capture one received and one sent fax at a time. That is, at most the component captures two faxes simultaneously. The captured faxes are processed independently.
  • When the component searches for new faxes, it has to go over all faxes in the user's folder until a new fax is found. This is because the RightFax API is able to get only the full collection of faxes, which includes always all faxes for a user. If the number of faxes in the user's folder grows, the time of searching for new faxes grows as well. This can significantly decrease performance. To avoid this, it is recommended to delete faxes from the server from time to time.