General Tab

This tab defines menu structure that will be shown on the Ricoh device. The devices can be grouped based on their IP address. Each group of devices can have its own menu structure. By default there is a single group called ‘Default Device Group’. If you do not configure additional groups, all devices pointed to the workflow server will display the menu structure under Default Device Group.

Use this tab to Add, Edit, or Remove the following:

You can create additional groups and assign devices to the newly created groups. This way even though all devices are connecting to the same workflow server, they can be used for different functions. Simply drag and drop to change the order of menus and forms that appear on the MFP control panel.

In addition, users may create custom menus and shared forms.  By default there is a Default Menu which can be removed.  Users may also create a shared form.  A shared form is a form which can be used within different menus.  A user needs to only create one shared form in the same manner as a regular form would be created.  This shared form can then be referenced in other menus.

Option Description

Click this button to create one of the following:

  • Group
  • Menu
  • Form
  • Shared Form

Click this button to edit the currently selected group, menu, form or shared form.


Click this button to remove the currently selected group, menu, form or shared form.