Menu options

Add a menu to create a hierarchy. The menu entry will simply guide the desktop users to select the desired workflow.

Field Name Description
Name Enter the name of the menu entry.
Icon file Browse to the folder location that contains the icon to be displayed on the MFP device panel for this menu entry. The images supported are Windows BMP images with 2 or 256 colors. The maximum image size should be 260 pixels wide by 85 pixels tall. The recommended image size is 48x48. For 256 color images, the transparency color is RGB (255,0,255)
Restrict access

Select this check box to restrict access to the form to certain users or groups.

Note: when the authentication type is Windows you can use the browse button (...) to select Windows groups or users.

Group membership is determined by the authentication type:

  • Windows: Determined by the Windows groups that authenticated user is a member of.
  • Netware: Groups are not supported.

The User Membership custom script can be created to provide the groups that authenticated user is a member of.