How to install AutoStoreXlet

Installation through Ricoh Device Manager

  1. Double-click the Ricoh ESA component in a workflow to open the component settings.
  2. In the Ricoh ESA settings dialog box, click the Preferences tab.
  3. Click the Device manager button.
  4. In the Ricoh ESA Device Manager, click Add to add a Ricoh device. Alternatively, click Import to add several Ricoh devices.
  5. Select the Ricoh devices and click Install.


  • You can also use Windows Explorer to open the Ricoh ESA Device Manager application. The file is located in the NSI installation folder:

    <installation directory>\Distributables\Ricoh ESA\RicohDeviceManager.exe

    For example:

    C:\Program Files\NSi\AutoStore Workflow 6\Distributables\Ricoh ESA\Ricoh ESA\RicohDeviceManager.exe

Installation through Web Image Monitor

  1. Open your web browser and type "http://<device IP address>" in the address bar.
  2. Click Login in the Web Image Monitor page.
  3. Enter “admin” for the username and leave password blank.
  4. Click Device Management > Configuration.
  5. Under Extended Feature Settings, click Install.
  6. Choose Local File and browse to <installation directory>\Distributables\Ricoh ESA\Web Image Monitor\

    Note: If device supports the Java 2.x Platform, then browse to <installation directory>\Distributables\Ricoh ESA\Web Image Monitor\33956098. 2.x

  7. Click Display Extended Feature List.

    Note: AutoStore files will upload to the device.

  8. Under Installation Target Setting, for Install to, select the SD Card being used for the Java Platform.
  9. Under Type J Setting, enable Auto Start.

    Note: By enabling Auto Start, AutoStore is started automatically when the device starts.

  10. In the list of applications, choose AutoStore.
  11. Under Extended Feature List, click Install.
  12. On the summary page click on OK. Once installation is complete, the Extended Feature List will be empty.
  13. Click Back.
  14. Click Startup Settings under Extended Feature Settings. If the AutoStore application shows a status of Stop, choose AutoStore and click Start Up/Stop.

    Note: The first time AutoStore is installed, it is not started automatically. AutoStore must be started manually as described in Step 14.

  15. The device must be linked to the AutoStore Server. Use the Xlet Configuration Tool which is found in <installation directory>\Distributables\Ricoh ESA\.