Welcome to QuickCapture Component

QuickCapture component extends the capture capabilities to TWAIN-enabled MFPs and scanners. Use this component to capture paper documents from any TWAIN-enabled PC scanner and MFP into digital document workflows.

QuickCapture comprises of a server software that runs on the workflow server and a client software that runs on a PC. A QuickCapture client communicates with the QuickCapture server to get the menu and form information for presentation on the client PC that is running QuickCapture Pro or QuickCapture Desktop. When the server and client software are configured, a QuickCapture Desktop or QuickCapture Pro user can select the desired workflow, enter document meta-data, preview the scanned documents, rotate, rescan, delete and finally send the document to the workflow server for additional processing and archival.

This document describes the QuickCapture server (component) configuration. Please refer to the QuickCapture Desktop or QuickCapture Pro help files for information on how to set up client software.

QuickCapture component provides the following features: