String List

The String list creates a drop-down menu on the MFP control panel that is visible to users. Users cannot change the values in the list.

Clicking the P (Field Form Properties) button when String list is selected in the Type field opens the String List Properties dialog box. The String List Properties dialog box contains the following elements:

Option Description
N List item number. You can click the N column label to add a value to the list.
Label Use this field to provide a label for a string list item. This label will be displayed on the device panel instead of the actual string list value that is passed to the server.  If left blank and a label is not provided, the string list value is displayed to the user and is also passed to the server.
Value Use this field to type in the values a user sees in the drop-down menu.
D Click the checkbox in the D column to designate the item Value as the default value for the field.
Add Click this button to add a new item to the list.
Remove Click this button to remove the selected value from the list.
Multi-selection Allow the user to select multiple items.
Separator character Type the character used to separate multiple selections in the field value.
Run lookup script
Has Label Select this check box to display the label for the field.
Style Click the browse button to configure the style for the Data, Label, or Button. Refer to the Style Builder for details.