Authentication Tab

Set up the authentication attributes in this tab. The authentication server is running on the QuickCapture component of workflow server.

Option Description
Authentication Type

The supported Authentication Types are:

  • NONE — The device does not require the user to authenticate prior to using the network scanning feature.
  • Windows
  • Active Directory
  • NetWare
  • Script
Windows Choose this option to use Windows NTLM authentication.
  • Domain Name — Enter the Windows domain name.
Note: When windows authentication is selected, the email address is retrieved automatically as part of the authentication, so an LDAP search is not required if only the email address is needed.
Active Directory Choose this option to use Windows Active Directory for user name and password settings.
  • Domain Name — Enter the Active Directory domain name.
Netware Choose this option to use NetWare authentication. This will prompt the user for the NDS context and tree.
  • NDS Tree — Enter the Netware Directory Services tree name.
  • NDS Context — Enter the NDS context name.
Note: If the device is configured to use an Authentication Server with the authentication type being NDS, then the credentials provided will be used by workflow server. If the Authentication Type of the device is other than NDS, then in addition to workflow server login screen, the device’s authentication screen is also displayed.
Script File Enter the path to the VB.Net script that contains the code that will authenticate the user. You can click the browse button (...) to locate the file.
Authentication requires LDAP lookup Select this check box when authentication requires looking up the email address and other attributes for the authenticated user.