Bookmarks Options

Use this dialog box to configure automatic PDF bookmarks generation settings.

The PDF converter looks into the generated file to determine fonts used in the titles of the chapters and generates a bookmark for each chapter.

Option Description
Generate bookmarks Select this check box to activate bookmarks generation. If this check box is not selected, no bookmarks tree will be present in the generated documents and other controls on this dialog will be disabled.
Start from page number Bookmarks will be created from the page you specify on. Enter 1 to create bookmarks on all pages of the document.
Fonts used for bookmarks This group defines the parameters of the procedure for determining bookmarks.
Detect title fonts automatically When this option is selected, the converter will automatically detect fonts used in the chapter titles of the converted documents. The fonts are used to determine the text for bookmarks.
Bookmarks tree depth Enter the number of bookmark levels.
Use these fonts Select this option to specify semicolon-separated list of fonts that will be used for determining bookmarks. Each list entry should specify font name, size in points, weight, italic and underline styles, separated with commas. For example, "Arial,10,400,0,0". When you select this option, the Bookmark tree depth field is disabled and the number of bookmark tree levels is equal to the number of the list entries. The first entry in the list specifies top level of bookmarks, the second entry specifies second level, etc. Use the button to select fonts from the list of available fonts. This button opens the Specify Title Fonts List dialog box.

If the Use these fonts option is selected, but the font list is empty, the bookmarks will not be generated.

It you select this option and specify the fonts list, take into account that the font sizes in the generated documents are rounded off to the specified resolution. To avoid rounding, it is recommended to set a multiple of 72 in the Resolution field in the General tab.