Advanced Tab

Use this tab to configure compression, color conversion, watermark and other advanced settings of PDF conversion.

Option Description
Convert colors to gray scale Select this check box to generate gray-scaled document. This will reduce the size of the document.
Algorithm Select one of the three available image compression algorithms for the generated document:
  • Default compression - the default image compression algorithm makes use of color palettes to reduce the overall size of all images. This algorithm works well as long as the number of colors does not exceed 256.
  • 256-color compression - the 256-color compression algorithm computes the mostly used 256 colors in an image and replaces all other color pixels by their closest match. This compression algorithm works usually very well with most applications but is relatively slow on large images with a large number of colors.
  • JPEG compression - the JPEG compression algorithm produces excellent results with real life true color images with a small distortion of the source image. It is not recommended for graphics other than real pictures. When JPEG compression is selected, the JPEG compression level selection box becomes enabled. This box is used to select the compression level.

You can use one or several available RRTs in this field.

JPEG compression level This field is enabled when you select JPEG compression in the Algorithm field. JPEG compression levels vary from 1 to 9. Level 1 produces poor quality images with a very large compression ratio. Level 9 produces very good quality images with medium compression ratio.
Downsample high resolution images If you select this check box, the images with resolution higher than the value specified in the Resolution field in the General tab will be downsampled to the specified here resolution.
Convert RGB colors to CMYK color space If you select this check box, the RGB colors of the generated document will be converted to CMYK color space. For example, RGB {255,255,255} will be converted to CMYK {0,0,0,0} for White color.
Physical margins (in millimeters) Most printers have a minimum physical margin below which they cannot generate any output. Use this group of fields to specify horizontal and vertical margin values to prevent users from drawing outside the printable area.
Horizontal Enter the value for horizontal margins. This field allows you to enter the values with 0.1mm precision. You can use one or several available RRTs in this field.
Vertical Enter the value for vertical margins. This field allows you to enter the values with 0.1mm precision. You can use one or several available RRTs in this field.
Simulate PostScript Select this check box to simulate PostScript language. This option improves compatibility with some applications. For example, the option may be useful for printing Wordarts and semi-transparent backgrounds using Office XP. Some other applications may conflict with this option.
Note: Using this option is not recommended unless the application needs simulating PostScript. After using this option make sure that the generated documents have acceptable quality.
Document properties Click this button to open the Document Properties dialog box to specify PDF metadata; for example, Creator, Author, Subject.
Watermarks This button opens Watermarks Options dialog box.