General Tab

Configure the basic features for this component

Option Description

Select this check box to enable the barcode processing function.  Clear this checkbox disable this component based on input or routing slip.

Max Barcode

You can specify a maximum number of barcodes that this component should try to read from a page.

Set Max Barcode to 0 when to look for barcodes until the end of the page.

Specifying a maximum number of barcodes can increase performance since the component will stop searching the page for barcode once it has read the maximum number of barcodes specified.

Search Zone

Restrict the image search area manually by specifying the coordinates either in inches or millimeters. The syntax for this as it appears in the edit box is: “top, left, right, bottom” where :

Top — Distance from the upper side of the page to the beginning of the search area.

Left — Distance from the left side of the page to the beginning of the search area.

Right — Distance from the left side of the page to the end of the search area.

Bottom — Distance from the left side of the page to the end of the search area.

The search zone can also be specified by graphically selecting the zone from a sample image file. To do this click on the ... next to the Search Zone edit box and select a sample image file from where you can identify the search zone, and click Open. You will be presented with a preview of the first page of the image. Move the mouse to the preview area, note that the cursor will change to a cross sign, click on the image and drag the cursor to select a square section of the image and click OK. This is the area where the component will search for barcodes. You can change the file used for previewing by clicking on Open and selecting a different image.

Page Split

Split on Barcode Value: Check this to split the document every time it finds the barcode value specified in the edit box. The barcode value can contain characters such as * and ?.

For example, if * is entered in the edit box, the document will split when it finds any barcode. If 1000? is specified then the document will split if the barcode value is 10002 or 10003 for example.  By definition the following wild card characters can be used:

  • * for any number of characters
  • ? for any single character

Keep Barcode Page — If you are splitting based on the barcode, you can choose to either keep the barcode page or discard it.  You can only discard barcode pages when Pre-separator is not used.

Pre separator — Check this box when you are using the barcode page as a separator, and you want the barcode to serve as a separator at the beginning of the document. If this box is not checked, the component will assume that the barcode separator is the last page of the split document and will start a new file after it.

Barcode Data

Use Refero XML Schema — If the PDF 417 barcode used in the process is being generated from the NSi Refero Application. The user can instruct the component to automatically extract individual fields information from the barcode. The barcode will still be available as a whole, and references to individual fields contained in it can be used.