Feature Highlights

PDF 417 Barcode is used to read 2-Dimensional barcodes of type PDF 417. This is a multi-row barcode capable of encoding several hundred characters.

The values read from the barcode can be used as parameters by subsequent components in the configuration. These values can also be mapped into Fields that automatically will be used by Route (store) or Process (filter) components that are able to use this field information.

The component allows splitting of image by instructing the component to split the document when a barcode matches a specific value or a pattern.

This component is commonly used for reading barcodes in black and white TIFF images generated from a scanning device with at least 200 dpi (dots per inch). Depending on the Scanner quality, and the size and type of the barcode being read, you may need to generate higher quality images in order for the barcodes to be read properly.

If you want to setup your process such that Barcode values are used by other components, configure this component through a blocking component, such as Digital Sender, MFP and POP3 email. If you plan to use this component with a non blocking Capture (source) component, place a Data Interchange Process (filter) component before PDF417 Barcode component.