How to Create New Attributes on OpenText Livelink/CS Server

Follow the steps below to create new attributes on the Livelink/CS server.

  1. Click the Administer Additional Node Attributes link in the System Administration section on the Livelink/CS Administration page.
  2. On the Administer Additional Node Attributes page, click the Add a New Attribute link.
  3. On the Add New Attribute page, type a unique name for the attribute in the Name field.
  4. Select one of the following attribute types from the Type drop-down list:
    • Text : Field
    • Text : Popup
    • Text : Multiline
    • Flag : Checkbox
    • Date : Field
    • Date : Popup
    • Number : Field
    • Number : Popup

    If there are several attributes with the same display name on the server, you can set a value only for one of those attributes. Assigning values to other attributes with the same display name is not allowed.

    It is mandatory to assign the correct values from the predefined set to the attributes of the Date : Popup and Number : Popup types for the correct attributes assignment. This is a peculiarity of the OpenText Livelink/CS system.

    When you use system attribute of Flag : Checkbox type, its value is considered as True ('Check box is turned On') if the value has the form abcd:

    • a — Plus (+), minus (-) or nothing ()
    • b — Any number of 0 (for example, 00000 or null string)
    • c — Any digit from 1 to 9
    • d — Any string of any symbols

    For example, values "+0000000745dsfglkdjdbvflk34534@!#$!@#$gdfgd567", "01" or "-654hello!" are considered as True. Other values are considered as False.