Initial configuration of OpenForms 360 Server

Steps in this topic demonstrate a sample configuration of the OpenForms 360 Server.

  1. Locate and launch OpenForms 360 Server Configurator tool by double-clicking the OpenFormsServer.Configurator.exe executable file.
  2. In OpenForms 360 Server Configurator, enter Database Connection String in the Connection String field by using the Browse button to open the Connection Properties dialog box for configuring the connection properties.
  3. In the Connection Properties dialog box select the server from the Server name list box (machinename\ART).
  4. To connect to the database, select the OpenFormsDB database from the Select or enter a database name list box.
    If you gave the database a different name during customized SQL Installation use that database name.
  5. Click the Test Connection button to verify that the data connection is valid.
    After a few seconds, the following message should appear: Test connection succeeded.
  6. If you encounter an error during this test, check the settings, and make any necessary changes.
  7. Click OK.
    If the Repository Version states the number x.x.x.x indicating that OpenForms 360 Server Configurator connected to the existing database and found a repository with the displayed version number. If no repository exists create a new one by pressing Create Repository button.
  8. Select the previously created Windows Group.
  9. In the Users tab, select an existing AutoStoreUser in the Route Component User field as well as in the Capture Component field.
  10. In the Validators list, add users who will be connecting to the OpenForms 360 Server from OpenForms 360 Validation (for example, Validator1 and Validator2).
  11. Add the projects located on previously created file share resource.
    • To do so, right-click on the user and click Add SiteMap.
  12. Save the configuration on C:\Program Files\Notable Solutions\OpenForms 360 Server\OpenFormsServer.Service.exe.config or to the folder that contains OpenFormsServer.Configurator.exe resides.
  13. Make sure that the OpenFormsServer.Service.exe service is logged on as Local System account.
  14. Start or restart the service.