Users Tab

On this tab, configure the following settings:

Option Description
Route Component User Use the Select User dialog box to specify a user whose credentials will be used by the OpenForms 360 route component to connect to the OpenForms 360 Server.
Capture Component User Specifies a user whose credentials will be used by the OpenForms 360 capture component to the OpenForms 360 Server.
Validators Validators are users who perform correction and/or validation on the extracted data using OpenForms 360 Validation.
  • To add a Validator, right-click the empty field to open a shortcut menu. Click Add User or Groups. In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, select a user or a user group.
  • To assign a project to a Validator, click AddSiteMap on the short-cut menu and select the SITEMAP file of the project that you would like to assign to the selected Validator.
  • To remove any of the users, groups or projects, right-click the selected item and click Remove.
Add to Windows Group To allow Validators, the route component user and the capture component user to access the storage folder and plug-in folder, include them in the Windows Group by clicking the Add to Windows Group button at the bottom of the Users tab.