Tools menu

The Tool menu provides the following commands:

Command Name Description
Clear database

Clears the database of files displaying the following statuses:

  • Captured
  • Rejected
  • Lost
  • Erroneous
  • Failed to Capture
  • Separated
Clear storage folder

Clears all files from storage folder that do not have a reference to them in the database

Note: The storage folder should be empty as it serves only as a temporary storage location for all image files during processing time when the OpenForms 360 Route component places them there before the OpenForms 360 Capture component retrieves them from this folder.
License manager

Allows to view the status of the OpenForms 360 license or to install a new license via the AutoStore License Manager.

Refer to the AutoStore License Manager help for further details.

For detailed information about individual statuses, please refer to the OpenForms 360 Validation online help.