Server certificate installation

Complete the steps in this procedure to install a security certificate on the server.

  1. Open the Microsoft Management Console.
    • To do this, click Start > Run and type mmc.

      If you are prompted to allow the program to make changes to the computer, click Yes.

  2. Add the Certificates snap-in to the console. This will manage certificates for the computer account.
    1. To do this, click File > Add/Remove snap-in.
    2. In the Available snap-ins box, click Certificates, and then click Add.
    3. Click Computer account, then click Next.
    4. Click Local computer, then click Finish.
    5. Click OK.
  3. Expand the Console Root > Certificates > Certificates folder, and make sure that a certificate with the DNS name of the server is installed in the Personal folder.
  4. If the certificate is not there, request a new certificate or import the .cer file issued by any Certification Authority (CA) for this computer.
    1. To request a certificate from the CA that is currently installed in the domain, right-click the Personal folder.
    2. In the shortcut menu, point to All Tasksand clickRequest New Certificate.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Select computer as the Certificate Type.
    5. Give the new certificate any friendly name (for example, OpenForms 360 Certificate), and click Next.
    6. To complete the process, click Finish.
    The name of the certificate should be identical to the DNS name of the server.
  5. Export this certificate to the .cer file without private key and install it on the client side.
    1. To do this, right-click the installed certificate, and click All Tasks > Export.
    2. Select the No do not export the private key option.
    3. Select any format (such as DER encoded binary x.509).
    4. Give the certificate a name (such as server_cert.cer)
    5. Click Finish to complete the process.