Connection Properties dialog box

To open the Connection Properties dialog box, click the browse button (...) on the Server tab next to the Connection String field.

  1. In the Server Name box, type or select the server local machine name\SQLEXPRESS if the SQL Server is installed in Windows mode. Click the Refresh button for updating the list, in case a new source of data has become available.
  2. In the option group Log on to the Server, select  the log-on option as necessary for your environment from the following two options:
    • Use Windows Authentication — Choose this option if you want to the clients of OpenForms 360 Server to use the Kerberos authentication method to authenticate against the server.
    • Use SQL Server authentication — Choose this option if the OpenForms 360 Server, the OpenForms 360 components and the OpenForms 360 Validation reside in different Windows domains and the User name and Password authentication method is to be used.
  3. To connect to the data base, click Select or enter database name and enter the name of the database in the text field or select it from the list, then click OK.
  4. Click Test Connection to verify that the data connection is valid. After a few seconds, the following message appears: Test connection succeeded.

    If you encounter an error during this test, check the settings, and make any necessary changes.

  5. Click OK to finish.