Setup Zoned OCR dialog box

Set up specific zones to be processed during recognition on this dialog box. You can preview the document that is similar in structure to the documents that will be processed, navigate through its pages (if it is a multipage document) and select zones for recognition. During processing the component will try to recognize each zone, and if any text is found it will be assigned to an appropriate RRT. The text can be also saved into a CSV file.

Image pane

Image pane displays the image and allows you to navigate through its pages (if it is a multipage document) and select zones. The image is displayed after applying preprocessing options specified in the Advanced tab. Select any number of zones by holding down the right mouse button and dragging the pointer.

In the right-top area of the dialog you can read the following information: zones on the selected page to recognize with their alignment, zones that will not be recognized on this page.

Preview buttons

Buttons at the top-left of zones' editor are used for previewing input images.

Button Description
This section is used for zooming the image in/out.
Use these buttons to set up image alignment: fit to screen, fit to width, fit to height.
Use this button to enter selection mode, in which you can select one or more zones.
Use this button to enter creation mode, in which you can create new text zones.  
Use this button to remove selected zones.


Select an image and a page for displaying in the preview pane.

Option Description
Image file Enter the path to the image file.
Page Select the page number in this field or use and navigation buttons for page selection. These buttons are enabled only if the document contains more than one page.


Set parameters for a specific zone. If no zone is active, the section is disabled. The zone may be chosen with the mouse cursor in the preview pane or from a drop-down list.

Option Description
Name Enter the zone name. Every zone must have a unique name. The names are used for RRTs. You can use any symbols in the names of zones except for the sequence '//' and all new line characters. Equal names and empty names are prohibited.
Type Specify the type of the recognized block. You can select one of the following values:
  • Analyze content — Means that the component will try to analyze the content of the zone. This is the default value.
  • Barcode block — Designates a barcode block. It corresponds to an image zone recognized as barcode.
  • Text block — Designates a text block. It corresponds to an image zone recognized as formatted text.


Tab Description
Pages Tab This tab allows you to specify pages of the input document on which the zones should be recognized.
Validation tab This tab allows you to set verification of the found zone values. Only those values are considered to be found within a zone that meet the validation criteria for that zone, otherwise they will be ignored.
Location tab This tab allows modifying the selected zone coordinates and preferable measure unit.

Export zones to a CSV file — Select this check box if you want to export the recognized zones' names and values into a CSV file. By default this box is unchecked.