Use this tab to set the parameters for saving the recognized text as an RTF or DOCX file.

Field name Description
Retain layout This combo box allows you to specify if the page layout should be retained partly or completely. Select one of the following options:
  • Remove all formatting — this option retains only the structure of tables and arrangement into paragraphs.
  • Retain font and font size — this option retains the structure of tables, arrangement into paragraphs, font, and font size.
  • Maintain original formatting (limited edition) — this option produces a document that maintains the formatting of the original. This option is recommended for documents with complex layouts, such as promotion booklets.
    Note: This option limits the ability to change the text and formatting of the output document.
  • Preserve original formatting (easy editing) — this option produces a document that preserves the original format and text flow but allows easy editing.
Keep line breaks Set this option if you want the original arrangement of lines to be retained in the RTF format.
Keep page breaks Set this option if you want the original document page arrangement to be retained in the RTF format.
Keep text color Set this option if you want the original character color and the background color to be retained.
Keep pictures Select this check box if you want to keep pictures in the output file.
Picture formats Select a color image format for exporting to an RTF file with embedded pictures:
  • Auto — Format is defined automatically.
  • JPEG — Exports images in color JPEG format.
  • PNG — Exports images in color PNG format.
  • Convert to gray JPEG — Exports images in gray JPEG format.
  • Convert to gray PNG — Exports images in gray PNG format.
  • Convert to B&W PNG — Exports images in black and white PNG format.
Reduce picture resolution to You may reduce the image resolution without actually loosing the visual image quality. Enter the necessary resolution value in this text box or select from the drop down list.
  • If you enter a higher resolution value than the source one in the Reduce picture resolution to field, this value will be ignored; the pictures will be saved using the source resolution.
  • Usually, the value of 150 dpi is suitable.
  • If a PDF file has been added to the batch, when exporting it to PDF, PDF/A, HTML, RTF or PPT formats the resolution of pictures will not exceed 300 dpi.
JPEG quality This property specifies the value of the JPEG quality for color pictures saved in RTF format in percent. The so-called "quality loss" algorithm is used to compress the image, that is, the compressing technology is based on averaging the groups of pixels, so that a whole region is saved as a single number and not as a large number of numbers that describe each pixel. The higher the value you specify in this field, the higher will be the quality of the image you save. The default value for this property is 50%.
Note: This value is ignored for PNG pictures.
RTF/DOCX fields Click this button to set the RTF/DOCX fields in the opened RTF/DOCX Fields dialog box.