PDF Advanced Settings dialog box

Configure advanced settings for PDF export in this dialog box.

Option Description
Embed fonts If this check box is selected, fonts will be embedded during export to PDF. This check box is selected by default.
Note: This check box is disabled, when Text under the page image and Page image only Save mode are selected on PDF tab.
Tagged PDF If this check box is selected, the recognized text will be exported to tagged PDF. Tagged PDF is a particular use of structured PDF that allows page content to be extracted and used for various purposes such as the reflow of text and graphics, conversion to file formats such as HTML, and accessibility to the visually impaired. This property is checked OFF by default.
Write links The property specifies that the hyperlinks must be retained during export of the recognized text into PDF format. This property is checked OFF by default for the compatibility with the previous version of the component. If this property is checked OFF the hyperlinks are exported as text.