PDF/A tab

Use this tab to set the parameters for saving the recognized text as a PDF/A file.

Field name Description
Save mode Specify the save mode for the PDF/A export in the combo box. You can select one of the following alternatives:
  • Text and pictures - The recognized text is saved as text, and the pictures - as pictures.
  • Text under the page image - The page image is saved. The recognized text is put below it. This option is useful if you export your text to document archives: the full page layout is retained and the full-text search is available if you save in this mode.
  • Page image only - Only the page image is saved.
Export scenario Select a scenario of export to PDF/A format. Export scenarios optimize export to PDF/A for some parameters (quality, size of the file, and/or speed of export). The following scenarios are available:
  • Balanced (between quality, size and the time of processing)
  • Best image quality
  • Minimum size of the resulting file
  • Highest speed of processing
  • Custom export scenario
Note: When you select a predefined export scenario, the Color picture formats, JPEG quality, MRC extended settings are disabled at configuring and ignored at run time. If you want to specify the values for these options manually, please select Custom export scenario in this combo box.
Use Mixed Raster Content (MRC) Select this check box if you want to use MRC while exporting.
PDF/A export formats Select a desired PDF/A format for files being exported. The following formats are available:
  • PDF/A-1a format
  • PDF/A-1b format
  • PDF/A-2a format
  • PDF/A-2u format
Color picture formats This property specifies the image format for exporting to a PDF file with embedded color pictures:
  • Auto — Format is defined automatically.
  • JPEG — Exports images in color JPEG format.
  • JPEG2000 — Exports images in color JPEG2000 format.
  • Convert to gray JPEG — Exports images in gray JPEG format.
  • Convert to gray JPEG2000 — Exports images in gray JPEG2000 format.
  • Convert to B&W — Exports images in black and white format.
Note: Sometimes, when you select the JPEG color picture format, the component saves the image with JPEG and ZIP compression.
Black&white picture formats This property specifies the image format to be used during export to a PDF file with embedded black&white pictures. Select one or several of the following values:
  • CCITT4 — images will be exported using the CCITT4 compression algorithm. If this value is set, the JPEG quality settings are ignored.
  • JBIG2 Lossless — images will be exported in black&white using the JBIG2 compression algorithm.
Reduce picture resolution to You may reduce the image resolution without actually loosing the visual image quality. Enter the necessary resolution value in this field.
  • If you enter a higher resolution value than the source one in the Reduce picture resolution to field, this value will be ignored; the pictures will be saved using the source resolution.
  • Usually, the value of 150 dpi is suitable.
  • If a PDF file has been added to the batch, when exporting it to PDF, PDF/A, HTML, RTF or PPT formats the resolution of pictures will not exceed 300 dpi.
JPEG quality This property specifies the quality (1-100%) of the color or gray pictures that are saved in the JPEG format in the output document. The pictures in such format are saved with a quality loss, so the higher is the value your specify, the closer will be the output picture to the original. However a high quality value may result in a big size of the output document.
Background quality Specify a value to control the quality of the background, which typically contains graphics and shading.
Color mask quality Specify a value to control the quality of the foreground, which typically contains text.
PDF/A fields This button opens the PDF/A Fields dialog box, where the user can set up PDF/A fields for exported files.
Advanced Settings Click this button to configure advanced settings for PDF/A export in the open PDF/A Advanced Settings dialog box.
Note: Consider the interaction between different format settings. For example, if the Convert to gray JPEG property is selected and the Page image only mode is ON, then whole pages of the output document will be exported in gray JPEG format.

When the input image has PDF format and you do not use renaming schema in the process, the output PDF/A file will be automatically renamed according to schema: document_name0001.pdf, where document_name is the input file name.