Misc Tab

Option Description
Excluding Mask If any subfolder of the root input folder matches this mask, the search engine will not search in this subfolder or in any of its subfolders.
Remove Subfolders If this check box is selected, the Multi-Poll component will remove any empty directory located under root directories. Root directories will not be removed.
Working Folder Specifies where the file should be copied to before it will be passed to the workflow.

The usage of this directory is to remove documents from the input directory so that the document will not be picked up again.  All documents in the input directory are processed.  Therefore, when you remove a document and place it into the working directory, it prevents the infinite processing of the same document.

Keep To determine where your files are stored, select the desired check boxes:
  • Processed Files — Specifies the location where captured files are stored upon the completion of successful routing. If you select this check box, all files are copied to the Processed Files directory when the service successfully completes writing them to the route location. The server must have write permissions to this directory.
    CAUTION: If this option is selected, a copy of every file that has been successfully routed is saved to the specified directory. Make sure that adequate disk space is allocated for this directory.
  • Rejected Files — Specifies the location used to store any files that were not successfully routed to the final routing location. The server must have write permissions to this directory.

    A failure could from various reasons and must be researched by reviewing the program log file entries. We recommend that you have a secondary process that takes this directory as an input and routes messages to the system administrator to warn of failures.

Working Directory Specifies the working directory for the Multi-Poll component to process files. The server must have write permissions to this location.