Configurations Tab

This tab saves component configurations for input folders.

Configurations for components in the workflow may be created for each input folder. Each configuration loads the process and route components that were provided in the workflow. Any number of configurations for the components can be provided and later specified for each folder.

Option Description
Names This list identifies the configurations. To add a configuration to the list, click the empty row and type a unique name. To configure components for a configuration, select the configuration name and the configure components in the Component list.
The shortcut menu provides commands that act on configurations. To perform a command on a configuration, first click in the first column and select one or more rows, then right-click the selection to access the following commands:
  • Copy Names from Folder Names — Copies the names of folders listed on the folders tab to the configuration list, so you can quickly name a configuration for each folder.
  • Copy — Copies a selected rows to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Paste — Pastes copied rows to the list. Pasted names are appended with three digits (for example, Config001, Config002) to avoid duplicate names.
  • Delete Rows Deletes selected configurations from the list.
CAUTION: If you delete a configuration, all root input folders associated with this configurations will be deleted too.
# Ordinal number for a component in the workflow.
Component The name of a component in the workflow.
Description The description associated with a component.
Type The type of component (Process or Route).
C (configure) Click the browse button (...) in this column to display the configuration dialog for a component in the workflow, so that you can activate or configure the component for a configuration. Opening the configuration dialog for a component also opens the Available RRTs window. You can click and drag or use Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste) to add an RRT to a field in a component configuration dialog box.