Configuration Walkthrough

This example demonstrates how to create a process that takes all files from a list of folders and its subfolders and puts them to another folder structure according to when the file was last modified. The target folder tree will be organized hierarchically by year>month>day.
  1. In the AutoStore Process Designer, click File > New, and set Perform this task to create a new configuration, and set the task frequency to 1 second.
  2. Drag the Multi-Poll capture component and the Send to Folder route component into the configuration.
  3. Double-click the Multi-Poll component, and on the Folders tab, click Add Folders and add folders to the component.

In our example we have the following source folder structure in C:\tmp\in:

We want to poll Folder1 – Folder6, but not c:\tmp\in itself. After we add c:\tmp\in, the component scans the entire folder structure and adds it to the folder list:

  1. Remove the first row from the list and select the Traverse check box:
  2. Switch to RRTs' Format tab, increase Last Write Time RRTs to 3, and enter the following formats:
    RRT Value
    Last Write Time 1 yyyy
    Last Write Time 2 MMMM
    Last Write Time 3 dd
  3. Switch to Configurations tab and configure the Send to Folder component with the following parameters (use Multi-Poll and Send To Folder RRTs from the Available RRTs dialog box):
    Option Value
    Folder Path C:\tmp\out\~FPP::FileLastWriteTime1~\~FPP::FileLastWriteTime2~\~FPP::FileLastWriteTime3~
    Rename File Select this check box.
    Schema ~STF::FileName~_~STF::Counter~~STF::FileExt~
  4. Click the OK button in the Send To Folder component configuration dialog box.
    Do not create folders now.
  5. Press the OK button in Multi-Poll configuration dialog box.
  6. Click File > Save and name the file MultiPollDemo.cfg.
  7. Start the process from the Service Manager interface.
  8. Copy any folder structure under the folders Folder1 – Folder6, and see the result in c:\tmp\out.

The result should look something like this: