General Tab

Select the following options from this tab:

Option Description

Optional input, if the database is remote, this is reference to a server on which the database is located.


Enter the password for the current User ID that is being used by the Notes/Domino system to log in to a database.

Database Name

Enter the file name of an existing database.

Form Name

Enter the title of a form note in the selected database.

Attachment Field

Enter the field within the selected form that incoming document content/file will be stored in.

Rename File

Check this box if you want the output file to be renamed based on the Rename Schema settings.


Enter the Schema name for the output file name. You can use Runtime Replacement Tags (RRTs) to dynamically set the value of the schema.

Calculate Computed Fields

When this checkbox is selected, the server will trigger a recalculation of field formulas after a record is created or updated.  This allows the predesigned field formulas to recalculate all related field forms upon creation of a record.

Ignore Validation Errors

Select this checkbox to allow the server to ignore any field validation errors that might be caused.  If you do not select this checkbox, any field validation error will cause a failure in creation of a record. You can only select this checkbox if Calculate Computed Fields and Validation Formulas in the Form is selected.