License Manager overview

The License Manager grants licenses for use of the server and components and for software maintenance, which includes support and software updates. You can load a license onto a machine, get a Web license, create a license request, generate a license report, and get information about the server license and version.

The server is licensed per CPU. The licenses are directly associated with unique serial numbers reported by the License Manager.

Use License Manager for the following tasks:

Category Task
Web license Automated process to post your serial numbers through a web portal and activate your current version of the server software. It requires internet access. Please note sometimes corporate firewalls interfere with this operation.
License report Create the report containing the licensing information.
Load keys Load a generated license file sent to you by your reseller.
Create request Generate a license file set of serial numbers which are unique to this server. These serial numbers will be used to generate an unlock key for this server.
Information Get the server information including ID, version, build, license of the server and Software maintenance.