A group contains forms and that will be displayed at the device panel for specified groups of devices.

By default there is a single group called the “Default Device Group”. If you do not configure additional groups, all devices will display the forms configured in the "Default Device Group".  You can create additional groups and assign certain devices to them. This allows devices are connecting to the same server to be used for different functions.

Groups are added and edited on the General tab of the Lexmark MFP configuration dialog box.

  • To add a group, click Add > Group on the menu bar of the General tab.
  • To edit an existing group, click the group, and then click the Edit button on the menu bar.
  • To delete a group, click the group, and then click the Remove button on the menu bar. The Default Device Group cannot be deleted.
  • To copy or paste a copied form or menu into a group, right-click the group and click Paste.
Table 1. Group Settings
Option Description
Display Text Enter a name for the group you are creating. This is a string value describing the name of the group.  This name does not appear on the panel and it is used strictly as a logical group name.
Associated MFPs In the MFP IP Address/Host name column, enter the IP address or the host name of devices that belong to this group. Press Ping to validate the hostname/IP address of the MFP.
Global Authentication Select this check box to use authentication defined for the component. Clear this check box to define authentication settings for the group on the Authentication tab.

For information about settings on the Authentication tab, see Authentication Tab.