PDF Encryption Settings

Use this dialog box to configure setting for PDF encryption. When encryption is enabled, a password is required to open or edit an encrypted file.

Option Description
Enable Select this check box to enable PDF encryption for PDF or high compression PDF file formats. You can select Enable and enter passwords for either (or both) opening or editing PDF files.
Password Specifies the password used for to open or edit encrypted PDF files. Retype the password in the Re-enter Password box.

This entry is unavailable if you select the Prompt User at Scan Time check box for either opening or editing PDF files.

Prompt User at Scan Time Select this check box to display prompt the user working at the device panel to enter a password for opening or editing an encrypted PDF file. The PDF Encryption Password prompt appears for PDF or High compression PDF file formats before the scan progress dialog when the user presses Scan.
Copying Text and Images Specifies whether text and images may be copied in PDF documents. Choose Enable to allow them to be copied or Disable to prevent them from being copied.
Changes Allowed Specifies whether changes may be made to PDF documents. You can choose from the following:
  • None
  • Comments Only
  • Any except extracting pages
  • Page layout except extracting pages (when 40-bit encryption is selected)
  • Insertion, Deletion, Rotation (when 128-bit encryption is selected)
Printing Allowed Specifies whether PDF documents may be printed. Choose Allowed or Not Allowed.
Encryption Level Specifies 40-bit or 128-bit encryption:
  • 40 bit — Compatible with Adobe 4.0 and above (Default)
  • 128 bit — Compatible with Adobe 5.0 and above
Note: Users cannot enable PDF encryption from the MFP device panel. It can only be enabled in the component settings. There is no Encrypt button on the Send screen of the MFP device.