Menus allow users to access forms that capture data for the Kyocera MFP (HyPAS) component.

Add and edit menus on the Groups tab of the Kyocera MFP (HyPAS) configuration dialog box.

  • To add a menu, click the group or menu where you want to add a menu, and click Add Menu on the menu bar of the Groups tab. Then in the Menu Properties dialog box, configure properties for the menu.
  • To edit an existing menu, click the menu and click Edit on the menu bar.
  • To delete a menu, click the menu and click Remove on the menu bar.

You can right-click and use shortcut menu commands to Cut, Copy, Paste, Move Up, and Move Down menus that appear on the Groups tab.

Table 1. Menu Properties
Option Description
Menu Name Type a name for the menu. The name of the menu must be different from other menus and forms at the same level.
Public Access Choose this option to allow unrestricted access to the menu.
Restricted Access Choose this option to restrict access to specified users.
Allowed Users/Groups Specifies groups or users that have access to the form for Restricted Access. You can click the browse button (...) to specify users or groups.