A group contains forms that will be displayed at the device panel. Authentication can be required for a group.

By default there is a single group called the “Common Group”. If you do not configure additional groups, all devices will display the forms configured in the "Common Group".  You can create additional groups and assign certain devices to them; this way even though all devices are connecting to the same server they can be used for different functions.

Groups are added and edited on the Groups tab of the Kyocera MFP (HyPAS) configuration dialog box.

  • To add a group, click the Add Group button on the menu bar of the Groups tab.
  • To edit an existing group, click the group, and then click the Edit button on the menu bar.
  • To delete a group, click the group on the Groups tab, and then click the Delete button on the menu bar. The Common Group cannot be deleted.
  • To copy or paste a copied form or menu into a group, right-click the group and click Paste.
Table 1. Group Settings
Option Description
Name Type a name for the group in this box. This is used only for identification and does not appear on the MFP device console.
Requires Authentication Select this check box to require MFP devices in the group to authenticate users.
Use SSL to Connect to Device Services Select this check box for devices to use SSL to connect to the AutoStore server. The SSL option must also be enabled on an MFP devices, or the SSL connection will fail.
Device Services Require Authentication Select this check box to require credentials for connecting to the device scan web service. The following parameters are required for authentication:
  • Authentication TypeThis can be either Local or Network.
  • UsernameSpecifies the user name to pass when authenticating.
  • PasswordSpecifies the password to use when authenticating.
Note: If Network or Local Authentication is enabled on the MFP device, the same authentication mode must be selected under Device Services Requires Authentication. Users will not be able to scan unless valid credentials are entered.
Associated Devices Add the MFP devices that will be associated to this group by entering the IP Address or host name of the MFP in the under HostName/IP Address. The MFP address list must contain at least one MFP.
Tip: The network name is preferable unless the devices are assigned fixed IP addresses. IP addresses can change when they are assigned using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).