Add a form to Kyocera MFP (HyPAS) workflow when the process needs to capture data prior to a scanning documents. There are several form types that you can use to capture information for different processing and routing options.

Add and edit forms on the Groups tab of the Kyocera MFP (HyPAS) configuration dialog box.

  • To add a form to a workflow, first click a group or menu node where you want to add the form, then click Add Form on the menu bar of the Groups tab, and on the menu click the form type that you want to add.

    This displays the configuration dialog box for the selected form type.

  • To edit a form, click the form and click Edit on the menu bar.
  • To remove a form, click the form and click Remove on the menu bar.
  • Right-click and use shortcut menu commands to Cut, Copy, Paste, Move Up, and Move Down forms.