List Field Options

A list field allows users to select from items in a list.

To add a value to the list field, type in the blank Value box in the last row of the table. To remove a value, click in the first column to select the value, and then press the Delete key on the computer keyboard.

Option Description
Value The value associated with the list item. This is the value that will be sent to the server. It is also used for the field RRT.  Entries can be sorted by the Value column.
Label The text associated with the list item that will be displayed to the user. Entries can be sorted by the Label column. If this field is empty, the Value text is used as the label.
Default Select this check box for a list item to make the value in the Value column be the default value for the field.
Raise Lookup Event Raise an event when a user performs a search on this field.
Allow Multiple Selection Select this check box to allow users to select multiple list items. When this option is selected, the value of the RRT will be the selected values separated by semicolons (;).
Allow user to add items Select this check box to allow users to enter a value that is not in the list.
Display Search Options Select this check box to allow the user to search the list for an item that starts with specified criteria.
  • Raise event after pressing the find button — Select this check box to send an event to the server when the user presses the Find  button in the search dialog at the MFP.

    This option is only available if Enable Dynamic Form is selected on the General tab. You can respond to an event in the script specified in the Dynamic Form options.

  • Maximum number of search results to display —  Specifies the maximum number of result items to display in the list.