Scanning a Document

Follow the steps in this procedure to scan a document from the Kyocera MFP console.

  1. Press Scanner button on the Kyocera MFP device. The LCD display changes to Select scanner.
  2. Click KYOcapture soft key. This initiates a connection to the Server.
    If the Server is not accessible or the service has not been started, a "Communication Error” message is displayed on the Kyocera MFP Control Panel LCD.  Note that if the Kyocera device is configured to work with Authentication Server, the device initiates connection to the Authentication Server prior to connecting to the server. If this communication fails, a "Communication Error" message is displayed on the device Control Panel LCD.
  3. At this point the Kyocera control panel displays a list of menus and forms.
    A menu is an organizational unit, used to group other menus and forms. Menus do not have any fields associated to them, and cannot be used for scanning.
  4. Select a form by navigating through menus.

    When menu is pressed, a list of submenus (if any) and forms will appear.
  5. Select the desired form and enter meta-data, as each field appears on the control panel LCD.
    The following image shows a form with a field type of "String List".

  6. After you are finished entering data into the form, or if there are no form fields to populate, press the Start button to begin scanning a document.